If there’s one thing we have to thank the pandemic for, it’s teaching us to experiment with our makeup and beauty regimes. While lockdown was all about keeping your skin looking fresh despite all the stress of 2020, this year, we’re thinking more outside the box. With bright colors and y2k inspired hairstyles hitting the scenes, we can’t help but wonder if these post-lockdown trends are here to stay. We at #HAULHQ are absolutely loving some of these trends and are definitely hoping they are here to stay.


Here’s a roundup of all our favorite trends in hair and makeup so far.


1. Colourful Eyeshadow


credit: @dualipa


In 2019, Euphoria-inspired bright makeup hit the scene. Since then, colorful makeup has only gotten more popular – especially now that we’re wearing masks.


credit: @narsissist


Since the normalization of face masks, it’s been all about the eyes. As the temperature rises, eyeshadow looks seem to be only getting brighter and more elaborate.


2. ZigZag Part


credit: @laurapolko


People these days are experimenting more and more with hairstyles and makeup looks, helping them to look trendier. A lot of these hairstyles are inspired by the y2k trends that have taken the internet by storm this past year. A personal fav here at the #HAULHQ, it’s an easy way to elevate your look and make your regular hairstyles more fun, while keeping it chic.


3. Bubble Braids and Face-Framing Braids


credit: @patrickta


There’s nothing more 2000s than small braids or bubble braids, either randomly throughout the hair, or more face-framing.


credit: @arianagrande


Now we’re seeing them make a comeback this year. Right now, face-framing braids are all the rage, with Ariana herself swapping her signature high ponytail to rock the look.


4. Bright Graphic Liner


credit: @rxfiqah


No more black eyeliner. It’s time to give that black smudge proof eyeliner a well-deserved break and jump headfirst into colored liners.


credit: @freshlengths


This is a trend we just can’t get enough of! Seeing artists take the idea of a simple colorful graphic liner and putting their own twist on it is something we’re absolutely here for. This is one trend we hope is here to stay!


5. Reverse Cat Eye


credit: @lauremmellusimakeup


Well firstly, it’s all over Tiktok and the gram. Secondly, it’s giving us MAJOR Avril Lavigne 2000s skater girl vibes, but most importantly, it’s a fierce upgrade to your normal winged liner. It’s your basic eyeliner, with a small twist- its inverted, focusing the attention on your lower lash line. The result is a smoky, sultry undereye that wings out at the corners.


6. Fool-Proof Skin? Fresh Skin


credit: @glossier


Lastly, the no-makeup-makeup look isn’t going anywhere, if anything it’s getting an upgrade. It’s all about lightweight base makeup and next to nothing skin, which is always great for warm weather and mask-wearing. So all your hard work focusing on your skincare regime isn’t going to waste.


Which one is your favorite trend so far this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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