Its October, which means we are HAUL in for PINK this month! We’re going PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! 🎀


This time of the year, the world turns pink, and for good reason! Everything from coffee mugs, to clothes, to even food transforms into a pink version to raise awareness and start conversations around the world about a very important topic in Women’s health – Breast Cancer.


So let’s take a quick look at how Pinktober came about to be.


AstraZeneca, the world famous American pharmaceuticals company founded Breast Cancer Awareness month in 1985, along with its accompanying pink ribbon, both of which are now synonymous with the month of October.


The long-standing awareness campaign means different things to different people. While for some, it’s about celebrating strength and survival, for others, its about advocacy and educating people about the realities of breast cancer, a particularly metastatic disease.


Now, I bet you’re wondering, why the color pink?


At some point in every girl’s life, it is pretty much guaranteed that pink was her favorite color. We all remember begging our moms for pink highlights, or ro pint our nails bedroom walls pink. It’s a colour that’s resonated with so many of our childhoods, but the color represents so much more than just a little girl’s fairytale world. Pink represents resilience for millions of women, it represents strength, and it represents bravery. It is the colour that every survivor of breast cancer wears proudly to signify the battles they’ve won, and unfortunately also with those who lost their lives to the life-threatening disease.


In October, we turn pink to pay tribute to every special soul that fought so bravely and elegantly.



Now, we may be biased, but for us at #HAULHQ, pink has always been so special. To us, pink represents femininity, youthfulness, love and that is everything HAUL IN ONE aims at encompassing, which is how it became a big part of our branding!


Beauty isn’t one size fits all, and we created HAUL IN ONE with the purpose of celebrating the uniqueness and individuality found in beauty all around the world, all skins, all shapes, all sizes. Every woman has a unique sense of style that is worthy of being not only be celebrated, but also take center stage!


We wanted to use pink for various reasons;

  • For its fierceness, to remind you of the bad B inside all us

  • For its nurturing softness that is embedded deep within us

  • For its familiarity, something to take you back to the younf days, when you first discovered the color pink

  • For its youthfulness, to remind you to keep your heart young and alive, at every age.

For all these qualities, that make us unique in our own ways, attractive from inside out, and highly addictive. 😉💕


#HaulInOneWorld #HaulInOne #ThinkPink #PinkTober


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