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If you ever found yourself under any stress and had a hard time coping with it, our team at #HAULHQ has compiled a few pointers to help!


Remember, stress has a direct impact on your body and your overall health.


We all go through stressful situations every day. It might be something as small as waiting in a queue at the supermarket or being stuck in traffic, or having to deal with a difficult situation at work or dealing with an illness.


If left unchecked, stress can over time lead to severe health concerns.


Stress influences your bodies in different ways; when you are stressed, you might feel that you’re emotionally, physically and mentally down.

The three imbalances prove to be harmful to your health, and they could lead you to suffer from depression, migraines, high blood pressure, loss or increase of appetite, heart problems, and so on.


While it is natural to assume that our bodies will adjust to this stress given enough time, this is incorrect. Our bodies have boundaries, and it is vital to understand and assess our limits thoroughly before it’s too late.


One of the easiest ways to help our bodies deal with stress is taking just a few minutes out of your day for relaxations methods.


Some of the the suggestions that work for us at #HAULHQ are:


Music Therapy


Did you know?

Music therapy has proven to be helpful when suffering from mental and emotional stress. For example, the rhythm of nature music or instrumental songs can balance your bio-rhythm and put your body in harmony during periods of stress.


Self-Care & Me-time


Stress shows on our face and skin too! Everything from wrinkles and fine lines to dark circles and irritated skin can sometimes be attributed to our stress levels.

Another way we at #HAULHQ relax and destress is with one of our faves – the #PopstarCALM Mask.


Psst! This month’s #HAUL includes this amazing mask to help you incorporate a relaxing moment into your daily routine. Trust us, this mask has saved us from racoon eyes many a time!


But, of course, this mask is more than just a mask. This mask is a self-warming, calm eye mask with a smooth chamomile scent that warms the active pressure points around the eyes to help you achieve a moment of relaxation and a fresh appearance after a stressful day.


It also helps with migraines, puffy eyes and can help you take that much needed nap!


Meditation and/or Mindfulness


Even if its just for a few minutes a day, taking deep breaths while meditating or becoming one with your breathing can have a significant impact on your stress levels.

It allows the mind to be still and re-approach our daily hurdles with a refreshed outlook.


When you sense that your body is becoming worn out due to the pressure of your career or social routine, it is when you should take some much-needed relaxation time and put your body on the road to recovery. And yes, it could be as easy as giving yourself just 15 minutes of relaxation.


Remember, a few changes to your daily routine can do wonders for your body and overall mental health.


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